What is vPlaybook?

A vPlaybook is your strategy packaged in an interactive, digital guide, focused exclusively on the customer conversation.

"What to Know" prior to the Conversation - Sales Strategies, Trends, Audiences, Priorities, Pain Points, etc.

Your field sales team is sitting in a local Starbucks, home office, or airport lounge. They're preparing for their next customer conversation at 2pm today. Sales Ready vPlaybooks outline who to target in the organization, what to know about their world, and how to plan an audience-specific dialogue.

"What to Say" during the Conversation - Customer Stories, Insights, Provocations, Discovery Questions, Proof Points, etc.

Picture your field sales team sitting across the table from a customer. Sales Messaging vPlaybooks provide practical content for leading compelling customer conversations including which stories to tell, the best questions to ask, and insights that frame the customer situation in a new light.

"What to Show" to support the Conversation - Quick Videos, Animated Models, Pictures, Whiteboards, etc.

A compelling visual can be the most memorable part of a sales conversation. The vPlaybook has a ‘Show-Mode’ for displaying Rich Media assets. Reps can choose videos, pictures, infographics or whiteboards to quickly respond to a customer's question, offer an insight, or deliver a relevant proof point.

Where vPlaybook can help you and your team

Why vPlaybook has worked for Adobe... and others

Our business unit is moving to both an industry-specific approach and integrated solutions platform at the same time. C-level conversations that communicate a unified message have become a critical success factor. We collaborated with DSG to develop sales messaging playbooks and video-enabled training to accelerate progress in the field

Robbie Traube

Adobe VP of Industry Marketing

How does it work?


Create Dynamic Content

A vPlaybook is not a static tool. It's intended to be an "evergreen" playbook that is easily updated with the latest, greatest messaging content, tools, and rich media.


Distribute to Any Platform

Sales Reps can use their Android Device, iPad, Mac, Surface, or PC at any time, from anywhere to access content, tools, training and "sales know-how."


Perfected Through Interaction

Analytics, ratings, and feedback will help you quickly identify which content areas are providing the highest enablement and use cases across the sales teams.